Meet the Board

We are a friendly and welcoming Support Group on the Gold Coast, which has been operating for about 25 years, providing support to people in our community living with fibromyalgia and/or ME/CFS. Our group is run by volunteers who also live with these conditions and therefore are very understanding of the various challenges you face on a daily basis.

We run a private Facebook group where people can reach out to others to ask questions of their peers, simply post an inspirational message, or have a vent.

We also hold regular in person catch ups where you will be welcomed by your peers in a safe, friendly, accepting and non judgemental space where you can create connections and share experiences of your health journey, learn tips to manage your condition, or just find a shoulder to lean on.

We also like to laugh – a lot! We can share funny instances where we have completely forgotten what we were talking about, and everyone else relates! Or in the case when a word just vanishes mid sentence and everyone tries to guess the word for you.

We understand that everyone experiences some anxiety about going to their first support group meeting. What is very heartwarming for us is when someone new arrives – we can see they are anxious – we greet them and talk to them and introduce them to others. Within a few minutes we see the difference and the new person is happily chatting to others, sharing their experiences and finally feeling a sense of belonging – that they have found their people!