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Sound healing is more than just listening to relaxing music. Sound healing techniques have been studied and perfected by expert practitioners. Unlike music therapy, sound healing relies on the restorative properties of vibrations. These specific vibrations are achieved through the use of different instruments, including the voice, tuning forks, bowls, gongs, and more. As the vibrations enter the body, the mind and form relax with tension melting away.
Sound healing classes are a therapeutic experience like no other. Daily stressors disappear as you revel in the melodies. Sound vibrations enter the brain and produce a meditative state almost instantly. The vibrations travel through our body to remove energy blockages and regain emotional well-being.


Be sure to book a spot via the Bookwhen link below.

These classes will run for 4 consecutive weeks commencing on Wednesday 21st August and ending on Wednesday 11th September.

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